Zephyros 24″

5,5Hp 3-phase 24” High Speed Burnishing Machine The Best Machine for Superconcrete HS

The first and the only one in the world! Powerful electric machine for polishing and buffing large areas. Advantages compared with propane buffing machines: easy to start, just plug it and work; no problem for safety, in many countries the “propane machines” are not allowed for indoor use. ZEPHYROS can be used indoor our outdoor everywhere. No problem to work in any altitude like the propane machines. No need “to use and to transport propane”. No need ADR for transport.

Technical Data

Model Zephyros 24" Zephyros 24"VS
Motor 5.5 HP 5.5 HP
Volt 380-480 380-480
Hertz 50/60 50/60
Amp 10 10
Speed Tools 1500 rpm 1000-1800 rpm
Working Width 610mm 610mm
Dimension LxAxP cm 151x85x63 151x85x63
Weight 75 Kg 75 Kg