Vertikal BK

The only machine for wall Grinding & polishing walls

Vertikal BK is another Bimack exclusive. It is the only machine in the world that cleans and polishes vertical surfaces!!! It is also ideal for walls, columns, stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, counter tops etc. It has a variable speed from 0-1000 RPM and it can work both wet and dry. Thanks to its incorporated vacuum system there is no dust or splashing.

*Complete With: Tank, Vacuum System, 5 mt pipe, Kit pad holder, handle.


Technical Data

Model Vertikal BK CPL Vertikal BK CPL Usa
Motor 1900 Watt max 1900 Watt max
Volt 220 110
Hertz 50/60 60
Speed Tools 0-1000 rpm 0-1000 rpm
Tools Size 100-150-240mm 100-150-240mm
Water Tank 20 lt 20 lt
Waste Tank 27 lt 27 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm 118x81x57 118x81x57
Weight 55 Kg 55 Kg