Ultrashine Plus 2

ULTRASHINE PLUS, with semi-rigid support, is recommended with the use of “mono brush machines” to re-polish perfectly and in a short time also very old and worn out floors, getting results comparable to those obtained with the professional Floor Care Machines. They leave a mirror and glide polished surface without “the orange peel effect” which generally leave the competitors diamond abrasive discs on soft support. They remove deep scratches and restore also acid, wine, coca cola or other products stained -floors.
ULTRASHINE PLUS and ULTRASHINE SOFT are available in several grains 00, 0, 1, 2, 3. Generally you use grain 1, 2 and 3 and, after, ULTRALUX. If you need to remove deep or very deep scratches it is suggested to start from 0 or 00.

ULTRALUX is a special sponge disc, that is able to wash and polish with only one step, thanks to its special composition. UltraLux is the ideal solution for standard maintenance of all type of surfaces since it provides great results and keeps floors shining forever.

“UltraShine & UltraLux” are easy to use! They are available in the same standard sizes of the Floor Discs normally sold all over the world. They can be applied on any type of singlebrush and autoscrubber on the market. Using “UltraShine & UltraLux” regularly, instead of the traditional Floor Pads, it allows to restore and maintain the pavement shiny forever without changing your normal maintenance routine. The combination of UltraShine1, UltraShine2 e UltraShine3 will allow you to remove scratches. UltraLux, thanks to its magic formula, cleans and polishes marble, concrete, terrazzo ecc…giving it a mirror effect quickly! Regularly used, your floor will remain clean and shiny without hard work.

New and revolutionary diamond discs to restore the gloss on marble floors and balcony. Used regularly, they maintain floors always bright as just polished. Easy to use. Use them as a normal “floor pad” disk with mono brush machines or autoscrubbers. They remove scratches, even deep, clean and polish.