Terminator 240

4HP single-phase 2,5HP single-phase Single-disc floor grinder

Bimack has designed a full range of concrete grinders and diamond products, which give the opportunity to treat any floor and specific application. 

The Termonator 240 is a single-disc concrete grinder especially designed for small to medium horizontal surface preparation applications which allow to grind approximately 200-250 sq. ft. per hour. The Terminator 240 is very easy and comfortable to use with low vibrations. The Terminator 240 single disc grinder is dust free when connected to the appropriate BIMACK dust collection system. Perfect Machine for surface preparation of small to medium floors, surface levelling, concrete preparation before coating, removal of coating defects or adhesives, Removing mastics, thin-sets, paint build-ups, resins and more, Repairing damaged concrete slabs, Smoothing rough surfaces, rain marks or trowel marks.

  • Solid Steel body
  • Powerful Motor High Efficiency
  • Dust free, when connected to an appropriate Bimack dust collector.
  • Vacuum port and water tank available
  • Can grind right up to the edge thanks the special design
  • Single-head grinding machine Ø 240 mm with Fast Connection system
  • Adjustable grinding depth.
  • User friendly and comfortable to use with low vibrations
  • Compact and light: easy to transport and carry upstairs.

Technical Data

Model Terminator 240 Terminator 240 VS Terminator 240 Usa Terminator 240 VS Usa
Motor 2900 Watt max 4Hp 1900 Watt max 2.5Hp
Volt 230 230 110 110
Hertz 50 50/60 60 50/60
Amp 16 16 20 20
Speed Tools 1400 rpm 800-2000 rpm 1400 rpm 800-1600 rpm
Working Width 240mm 240mm 240mm 240mm
Tools Size 1x240mm 1x240mm 1x240mm 1x240mm
Water Tank 18 lt 18 lt 18 lt 18 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm 70x110x25 70x110x25 70x110x25 70x110x25
Weight 53 Kg 53 Kg 53 Kg 53 Kg