Skraper 650

Skraper Floor Machine

Skraper 650 removes stubborn dirt and incrustation on the floor. Ideal for washing of the bottom of floors such as: porphyry, terracotta floors, concrete and any surfaces unlevelled and difficult to clean. Thanks to the inclination of the brushes it cleans perfectly in the deep joints and crevices of the floors.
* The price includes machine, Planetario A5 but does not include brushes.

Technical Data

Model Skraper 650 Skraper 650 T
Motor 4 HP 7 HP
Volt 220 380-480
Hertz 50/60 50/60
Amp 16 25
Speed Tools 200 rpm 200 rpm
Working Width 560mm 560mm
Water Tank 18 lt 18 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm 65x135x56 65x135x56
Weight 95 Kg 105 Kg