Conan Sander

Professional Wooden Floor Sanding Machine

Ideal for prefinished parquet.
Professional Planetario sanding machine with integrated dust extraction especially designed for sanding and restoring of prefinished parquets. Strong and reliable, very powerful with up to 4HP Motor, delivers exceptional results. The wide range of proposed Accessories permit to perform any kind of application on a wide series of surfaces (from parquet to cement substrates, removal of resins and glues)

Main Features:

  • Base frame in die-cast aluminium.
  • Strong 3 gears gearbox.
  • Reinforced handle rod (version 4HP).
  • Vacuum cleaner with a stellar filter.

Includes: Conan, Dust extraction, basket, Tuboflex, vacuum guard, Multidisk Planetario A3-140AS and Pad Holder for 17” sand paper”.

Technical Data

Model Conan Sander 18" Top Conan Sander 18" Top Conan Sander 18" Top VS
Motor Watt max 2300 2900 3000
Volt 220 220 220
Hertz 50/60 50/60 50/60
Speed 150 rpm 150 rpm 150-250 rpm
Working Width 450mm 450mm 450mm
Water Tank 15 lt 15 lt 15 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm 61x118x45 65x135x49 61x118x45
Weight 67 Kg 72 Kg 73 Kg