BlockDuster X3

Dust collector with built-in cyclonic pre separator and “automatic air pulse” self cleaning system.

BlockDuster X3 is equipped with:

• Automatic ASC “Air pulse cleaning system” thanks to air blasts regulated by an electronic timer keep filters always cleans.

• Pre-separator cyclon integreted in the drum, hold over 90% of dust collecting them into plastic bag.

• Shockproof drum with futuristic design 100% Made in italy.

• 3 Powerful motors equipped with Hepa filter.

• High reduction for an easy transport.

• The frame allows to rotate the shell up to 180° to make easy inspection and service jobs.


Technical Data

Model BlockDuster X3
Motor 3×1600 W
Depression Max mm H20 2450
Volt 220
Hertz 50/60
Filter Surface cm2 14000
Air Flow Max m3/h 600
Tank Capacity Bag
Dimension LxAxP cm 125x65x165 working position 125x65x130 storage position
Weight 125 Kg