BlockDuster Oil

BlockDuster Oil, separates swarf from oil when cleaning machine tools.

Industrial vacuum cleaners to recover and separate oil and swarf when cleaning machine tools for mechanical and automotive industries. BlockDuster Oil vacuum cleaners are designed and built to suction lubricants, coolants, and emulsions mixed with swarf.

Inside the collection drum, a filter separates the liquids from the solids, thereby allowing the suctioned oil to be reused, putting it back into the machine tools with obvious economic benefits. New Bimack vacuum cleaners are powerful and reliable, ideal for tank emptying, 5 times more quickly when compared to conventional methods. They also increase the final level of cleanliness and make the operation safer health-wise for the operator.

How Dustnator Oil works
Swarf along with oil are suctioned through an abrasion resistant oil-proof rubber hose. The suctioned material ends up in the spacious drum, where a basket filters the shavings from the liquids. The suctioned oil can be put back into the machine tool using the tap at the bottom of the drum, while the swarf in the basket can be easily disposed of.
• Faster machine tool cleaning time.
• Savings on oil disposal costs.
• Fewer operators required for cleaning.
• Oil recycling.
• Less machine downtime.
• Better machine tool cleaning.
• Better work area cleaning.
• More gratifying for personnel.


Technical Data

Model BlockDuster 144 Oil BlockDuster 155 Oil BlockDuster 175 Oil
Motor 4 kW 5.5 kW 7.5 kW
Depression Max mm H20 2750 2400 3260
Volt 230-400 230-400 230-400
Hertz 50/60 50/60 50/60
Phases 3F 3F 3F
Blower Type 1ST. 2ST. 2ST
Capacity m3/h 362 640 640
Swarf Capacity 40 lt 40 lt 40 lt
Liquid capacity 60 lt. 60 lt. 60 lt.
Dimension LxAxP cm 107x134x70 107x147x70 107x147x70
Weight 118 Kg 134 Kg 140Kg