BlockDuster 250 propane

Propane Industrial Dust Extractor

The propane engine makes Bimack BlockDuster 250 industrial dust collector the most powerful ever built Kawasaki engine is reliable and sturdy. Perfect to use in combination with big blasting, scarifying or grinding machines. The advanced ASC system allows to keep filters always clean automatically. Large air filtering surface with 3 primary cartridge filters and 2 HEPA secondary filters.

Main advantages: • No limitations due to cables or lack of electric power. • High reliability with Kawasaki engines. • Collapsible frame for easy tranposrtation. • No performance drop and loss of time caused by the power grid. • Free from the hassle and costs of extension cords in the yard. • No need of generator. Recommended batteries: battery 12V 550 ACC Class.


Technical Data

Model BlockDuster 250 propane
Motor Kawasaki FS603V
Power 12.7kW
Propane tank 9Kg/20lbs
Depression Max mm H20 2750
Filter Surface cm2 97000
Air Flow Max m3/h 1250
Tank Capacity 100 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm 154x220x64
Weight 342 Kg