Floor grinder machine with 6 heads counterrotating, adjustable work pressure and variable speed.

BK 999 with the powerful 6-head planetary and a brand new more compact and lightweight frame. The 6 offset rotating heads guarantee perfect flatness of the polished surface and the perfect machine balance.
• Easy to transport thanks to the on board batteries, even on steep ramps.
• The new frame guarantees smaller overall dimensions and less weight for the load on the van.
• Working with radio control guarantees increased productivity for the operator thereby reducing stress and fatigue thanks to the absence of vibrations.
• The automatic shift allows the operator to easily perform all the supporting activities.
• Helical and very quiet gears made of thermo-hardened steel
• Electronically adjustable planetary pressure.
• New version with Autopilot system.

Technical Data

Model BK 999 AT-RX-SX
Motor 25 HP
Volt 380-480
Hertz 50/60
Amp 35
Speed Tools 300-1300 rpm
Working Width 1000mm
Tools Size 6x240mm
Water Tank 46 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm 170x150x105
Weight 950 Kg