BK 125

Diamond grinder

For grinding uneven surfaces of concrete and screed. For removing plaster,rough frameworks, paintings, coatings, lacquer and thin adhesive films. For grinding tiles. Ideal for working close to walls, in edges and on stairs. Engine with power reserve, dust protected with long service life. Vacuum system included to connect industrial vacuum cleaners.


  • Speed control
  • Thermal overload protection tiltable front cup, allow to worke till the edge area
  • The exhaust hood can be turned infinitely at 90 degrees to grind even more comfortable along the wall
  • With effective vacuum system with brush which closes shortly on the ground
  • With height adjustable exhaust hood


Technical Data

Model BK 125
Working Power 2200 W – 230 V
Rotation 1500-5600 rpm
Disc Size 125 mm
Weight 9.5 Kg