Transform your concrete floor!

Thanks to the continuous research of new technologies for surface treatments, the BIMACK Team has developed a new technique called SUPER CONCRETE that allows you to transform any old, ugly, stained or dusty concrete floor in a perfectly smooth surface, extremely resistant, shiny, incredibly beautiful, easy to keep clean and free of dust. Applying the SUPER CONCRETE technique on a new floor it is possible to obtain unimaginable results and comparable for aesthetics and resistance to a marble or a terrazzo floor. It is also possible to create designs and logos allowing your imagination to realize priceless artworks.


  • Easy to clean since the surface has become smooth and not rough anymore.
  • There is no more dust since the dusty outward part of the floor has been removed.
  • Resistant to traffic. Particularly suitable for forklift truck traffic that will not leave black tyre marks on the floor and will always have an excellent grip.
  • Resistant to external agents since it is consolidated and waterproofed.
  • It does not “scratch”. No unsightly streaks appear like on the floors covered with resins or paints. The surface is smooth and it is not covered by waxes, resins or filming products which can get scratched.
  • Hygienic. The smooth surface, hardened and polished, does not absorb and so it is easier to remove germs and bacteria.
  • Economical. To transform an old floor in an aesthetically beautiful new floor, it’s cheaper than any other solution. Also a polished floor compared to a rough cement floor allows considerable savings on maintenance costs, since the operating machines find less resistance and so less wear of the brushes, discs, wheels, mop, etc.
  • Dyeable. Is it possible to add an artistic touch by colouring with impregnation colours called BETON COLOR DYE. The BETON COLOR DYE unlike paints or resins systems “do not cover the surface”, do not create a film but they go in depth reacting with the “cement salts”. So they do not scratch or peel like the paints and do not come off or don’t make bubbles like resins.
  • Ecological. The floor is sanded and polished without application of resins, paints or other products potentially harmful and carcinogenic. There will not be over time migrate odours and volatilization in the air of microparticles that may cause allergies or health hazardous.


SuperConcrete is a polishing system for concrete developed by Bimack which turns every type of cement into a smooth, highly resistant and incredible beautiful glossy surface. With the SuperConcrete system even
an old, stained and worn floor can be polished to make it look like new, extremely resistant, repellent to dirt, and easy to clean. With very few steps you will be able to polish, make waterproof, create logos, getting
a nice surface like marble and strong as concrete. The SuperConcrete system offers different procedures to achieve different finishes: according with customer demand and budget: SUPERCONCRETE PREMIUM, FAST,

SuperConcrete PREMIUM

The system for mirror polishing of the concrete surfaces for excellence

  • High planarity of the floor
  • Mirror polishing
  • Stain Resistant
  • Hi-tech Look
  • Wide range of colours available
SuperConcrete FAST
The fastest way to turn a normal concrete floor, new or old into a shiny, hard and resistant surface. By using the latest technology for concrete grinding and polishing one can achieve very good results while saving time, effort and money.

SuperConcrete HS
With the high-speed machine ZEPHYROS and the new diamond discs KING CONC, to turn an industrial floated floor into a beautiful surface, durable, stainresistant, glossy and easy-to clean floor has become very easy. It is possible to polish up to 400-500 square meters per day!!

  • Full exposure aggregates
  • High planarity and regularity of the floor
  • Variety of colour options
  • Contemporary look



Transform your concrete floor! The purpose is to transform the ordinary concrete floor into a floor which is remarkably shiny and dust free. Aesthetically pleasing and has a functional point of view.

CS1 dry system: Start with METAL BOND CS1. (if the concrete is in bad condition we suggest to start by CS0) until the “concrete milk” is removed. In this phase it is very important to grind to expose the aggregate to the uniform and desired level. Continue with METAL BOND CS2.
CK3 JUMPER GREEN wet system: The next step will be a wet process using RESINPHENOLIC CK3 to completely remove scratches caused by the CS2. Vacuum the slurry.
BETON Hardener. Apply BETON Hardener after CK3. It will provide great hardness and clarity. Wait one day and after that if you like to give colour proceed colouring or staining. CK4 and CK5: PROCEED HONING with diamond tools CK4 and CK5.
Note 1: We recommend CS1 and CS2 to work dry system.
Note 2: HARD CONCRETE: On very hard concrete it is best to use specific METAL BOND DIAMOND series CD-DD. It is advisable to use a wet system. The present of water let’s the diamonds cut faster. If you prefer dry grinding than addition of AKTIVATOR 1 will help to hasten the diamond tools grinding. ABRASIVE and SOFT CONCRETE: On abrasive concrete we recommend using METAL BOND DIAMOND series CA or CF.

ATTENTION: Make sure that the floor is free of dry dust. It is advisable to use MICROFIBRE and ANTISTATIC CLOTH. Present of any dry dust it will reduce the penetration of dye colour.
BETON COLOR: Apply BETON COLOR with a sprayer. (the powder concentrate comes in one small bottle and should be diluted in 4 litres of acetone. 4 litres of dilute product will cover about 50 sq.m).
PENETRATING AGENT: during warm temperature or on very hard floor add a Penetrating Agent to the BETON COLOR solution to avoid the fast evaporation of the product and to increase absorption.
BETON SOAP: Wash with BETON SOAP and a soft brush.
NOTE 3: in case of very hard concrete we recommend to apply BETON COLOUR after CK4
NOTE 4: if prefer more deep colour we suggest to repeat the colouring. After applying BETON COLOR grind again with diamond tool CK5 and spray again BETON COLOUR.

CK6, CK7, CK8 JUMPER GREEN dry system: Proceed with RESIN-PHENOLIC DIAMOND TOOLS dry system.
NOTE: there are two choice in order to give colour to the concrete floors.
a) if prefer to have “intense colour but less deep shine “ after colouring you can proceed with CK6 or even with CK7.
b) If you prefer “ deep shine but less intense colour “ apply BETON COLOR after CK3 and proceed with CK5 and CK7.
When a satisfactory and desired shine has been achieved the floor should be washed with the solution of BETON SOAP and Microfibra Pad.

BETON SHIELD: When the surface is dry, apply BETON SHIELD (1 litre covers about 50 – 80 sq.m ) with a MICROFIBER cloth. Polish with the DISCOLUX PAD. This process will add a protection to your polished surface. The best machine for this operation is a HIGH SPEED MACHINE, such as a BK 2000HS or any of the Bimack polishing machine.
BETON SKUDO: If a better (an enhanced) protection such as an OLEO-HYDRO REPELLENT is required, we recommend BETON SKUDO. It gives a very good protection against WATER and OIL. It is a water-based product NANO TECHNOLOGY that leave the floor breathing but making a non visible layer that protect against water, oil, low acid fluid such as wine and all the normal dirty. Apply with a Microfiber cloth taking care to leave a very thin layer being careful to the surplus of product. Due to the very good results and according to the surface porosity the BETON SKUDO need his time to dry; usually three hour is the maximum time. Better it is not walk up the waterproofed floor until 24 hours are done because the molecular reticulate may be broken at the results expense. If any clear exceed is visible remove them with a DISCOLUX PAD. The process is repeatable when needed. When work is not done in a single turn is better to apply the product at the end of all polishing. BETON GUARD LITHIUM: if deep shine is needed specially for shops or showroom we suggest to finish with BETON GUARD LITHIUM.