Terminator 400

Single-disc floor grinder 7 HP 3-phase

Terminator 400 is a special machine designed for:

  • Grinding very uneven floors.
  • Removal of resins, varnishes and glues.
  • Smoothing of joints.
  • Bush-Hammering concrete and stone floors.
  • Grinding and polishing floors.
  • Fast exposing of the aggregates.

*Complete of automatic pressure control and third front wheel.

Technical Data

ModelTerminator 400Terminator 400 VSTerminator 400 VS Usa
Motor7 HP7 HP7 HP
Volt380-480380-480220 1 or 3 phase
Speed Tools970 rpm700-1400 rpm700-1400 rpm
Working Width400mm400mm400mm
Tools Size1x400mm1x400mm1x400mm
Water Tank18 lt18 lt18 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm13x160x4413x160x4413x160x44
Weight120 Kg130 Kg130 Kg