BK 430

4HP single-phase Multi purpose grinding & polishing machines with removable Planetario head. The only machine can be used like grinder or like single disc scrubber.

BK 430 is the best selling grinding and polishing machine in the world.

It comes with Planetario BK1000 for 4”/100mm tools to achieve the best finishing. Ideal to work in apartments. Thanks to the Bimack patented 360°  irectional wheels that allow to move the machine in any direction, the BK430 can work in both large and narrow areas like bathrooms and kitchens. With its powerful 4HP motor, the BK430 is the only monophase machine in the world that can work with additional weights for a total of up to 160kg (350lbs). Easy to disassemble in 3 parts for transport.

*The machine includes: Tank, pad holder, brush, directionable wheels and Planetario BK1000 and standard wheels.

Technical Data

ModelBK 430BK 430 VS
Motor2900 Watt max4 HP
Speed Tools1000 rpm600-1300 rpm
Working Width430mm430mm
Tools Size3x100mm3x100mm
Water Tank18 lt18 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm65x135x4365x135x43
Weight109 Kg120 Kg