BK 400

7HP 3phase – 4HP single-phase Professional Floor Grinding and Scrubbing Machine

BK 400: is the most versatile professional floor machine.

Equipped with Planetario it can be turned in to a professional grinding and polishing machine. With brushes or floor pads it becomes the world’s strongest single disc floor care machine. All heavy duty jobs can be performed thanks to its 4 or 7 HP powerful motors.
*BASIC version does not include any Accessories.
*The CPL version includes: Tank, pad holder and brush.

Technical Data

ModelBK 400 BasicBK 400 CPLBK 400 VS BasicBK 400 T4 BasicBK 400 T5 BasicBK 400 T5 VS Basic
Motor2900 Watt max2900 Watt max4 HP4 HP5.5 HP5.5 HP
Speed Tools155 or 200 rpm155 or 200 rpm120-250 rpm155 or 200 rpm155 or 200 rpm120-250 rpm
Working Width450mm450mm450mm450mm450mm450mm
Water Tank18 lt18 lt18 lt18 lt18 lt18 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm60x121x3860x121x3860x121x3860x121x3860x121x3860x121x38
Weight59 Kg63 Kg68 Kg75 Kg78 Kg 80 Kg